About Us



Our Origin

FamilyThe original company was formed in Tracy's kitchen 4 years ago after a devastating layoff and being a single mother of 2 wonderful boys. There was no room for failure and the company was launched with only soaps to support the family. With a $32.00 investment Tracy was able to put her soaps in over 1,000 stores in less than a year. Saving as much money as possible while raising a high level hockey player that traveled the country and an up and coming young golfer, Tracy was able to move into a manufacturing facility in October of 2014. Investing everything she made into equipment and supplies for an expanded product line to include Soaps, Sugar Scrubs, Lotions, Body Butters, Bubble Bath, Perfumes, Lip Balms, etc as well as opening the first retail store.

Our Creation

U.R. Bath and Body is the creation of Tracy Gunn. Why are we called U.R.?  It's a great story!!!  The name came to Tracy while she was visiting a women's homeless shelter in The Bronx.  While visiting, Tracy noticed that the director would stop and talk to every woman she passed in the hallways and would hug them and tell them YOU ARE AMAZING or YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, etc.,  So Tracy shortened it to U.R. and will be naming every product things like AMAZING or BEAUTIFUL or... You get the theme right?