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#bewhoUR Challenge Bath Bomb Giveaway

Enter Our #bewhoUR Challenge for a chance to win 200 Bath Bombs!

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  • Our products are handcrafted to inspire a sense of you. Browse through our products and in the comment section below, tell us which product describes you and why.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the #bewhoUR Challenge. UR Bath & Body supports and employs women transitioning out of crisis. Feel free to browse through our products and know that your purchase goes toward helping women reshape and rebuild their lives, for themselves and their children.

Each winner will be contacted via email with details on how to claim your Bath Bombs. CONGRATS!


Jennifer Virgadamo Duhon

Angella Richards

Brittany Lambert


Bath bombs embodies me.

Which product specifically and why?

I like the champagne bath bombs and the bath bombs that actually makes my skin smooth

UR CALM would be perfect for me because I work in two psych ward and this would be a perfect gift of winding down and relaxing my mind 🙂

I like the champagne bath bombs. They smell sweet and they make my skin so smooth.

UR Fearless embodies who I am with my sense of adventure and desire to try new things!!!

Laura Starkey Kapellusch

UR Blessed embodies who I am. I have an amazing family and friends and just feel truely blessed with everything in my life. 🙂

Definitely you’re blessed in bodies. Because I know I’m truly blessed with so much more than I deserve

UR free bath bomb, because I am finally free of most of the negativity that was in my life for a long long time!

I just love bath bombs.

Ur blessed embodies me because me and my family has been through a lot this year. I would be blessed to even win and try your lovely bath bombs!

These bath bombs are the bomb an explosion of long fizzy delightful essence♡

Ur brave embodies me. Life has been quite the roller coaster lately. I have faced many obstacles i was afraid of facing. I was afraid of the outcome. I faced them head on. Overcoming those fears and obstacles gave me a new strength and a sense of bravery that i didnt know existed in me. This bravery makes me feel like i truly can face anything life throws my way.

All bath bombs embodies me because they help a ton with my anxiety and depression they help me relax and unwind after long days
Definitely would be blessed to win my son is also a both bomb hog and takes mine all the time (: LOVE THESE GIVEAWAYS TRUELY SHOWS YOU LOVE YOUR CUSTOMERS ?
I can’t wait to someday try these ?
You guys are amazing thank you for the opportunity

Bath bombs embodies me because they are very relaxing after a Long day of work.i love how u can choose from diffrent scent to diffrent styles & prints…i get to escape to a little bit of heaven. Love #bewhoUR

I love bath bombs they make my skin so soft and they smell amazing I’ll sit in the tub with some wine and smelling all the good scents relax and rejuvenate ? ty much for the chance what a dream!!!

I love the bath lotion and spray combo the layering leaves a long lasting scent through out the day I have always received compliments on how I smell where I got it. I have had people go out that night to Beth and Body and purchase what I had on. I love the product and always look forward to the new scents each Holiday and season brings

I love bath bombs

Ur blessed embodies me #bewhoUR

I love bath bombs. They are always fun and come in an array of colors and scents!!! Nothing like a good bomb soak before bed

I feel that you are naked embodies me. This bath bomb makes my skin feel like silk and gives me the confidence to enjoy and embrace my pregnant body.

UR* (autocorrect)

UR Loved embodies me because i just had the most amazing Christmas with 30 members of my wonderful family. I felt loved so much.

These bath bomb embody me with their vibrant color and skin dazzling ingredients that will make you fresh and smooth for days.

There’s no specific product I love of yours.They are all so Wonderful!!!!!!

There is no specific product I love of yours they’re all so wonderful hard to choose

Ur wild bath bombs and soaps gives me the fresh outdoor scent like no other! The bath bombs last twice as long as any of the other ones I’ve tried. When I purchase I know I’m helping other families and that gives me the greatest joy of all.

UR Calm and UR Seductive would be the top two. Would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

URcalm is what embodies me, it is what I NEED to do. I have had a terrible 6 months after my dad tragically passing. I need something to help calm down.

UR Coastal enbodies me because there is no place more calming and relaxing than sitting on a beach!

UR Calm embodies me because this is what I need to do I need calming in my crazy stressful life. I love all bath bombs though thank you for the opportunity to win.

UR Fearless bath bomb embodies me the most as i‎t takes all the feelings of stress, anxiety, and doubt away. While using this bath bomb I feel as though my whole attitude changes and brings out a whole new person inside of me. UR Fearless leaves me feeling joyful, confident, brave, and positive.

I absolutely love your bath bombs?…I am so addicted to your scent of WILD and JUICY?…After a long day of work I look so forward to relaxing in a warm tub fizzing with UR WILD…??…Aw UR the best!!!!…Keep making your awesome bath bombs, soaps, and scrubs…They’re yummy?

The relax & breath embodies me because they make me feel good , relaxed & happy extremely soft..& A few moments away from the kids lol

UR Sassy bath bombs embody my ornery side!

The UR Calm bath bombs would be what calls to me.

Really hoping to be able to try these! I sadly can’t find where these are listed, but from what I see in the comments, they all seem amazing. UR Seductive/Wild/Free/Calm embodies me because that’s what i really need to feel at the moment. ?

Ur sassy suits me so well with my personality and charisma

UR You Bath Bomb looks great and would definitely embody me. Thanks for this amazing opportunity

Bath bombs

Ur YOU!! Because I AM me, nothing more, nothing less! You get what you see.
I love bathbombs. My kids know that, so all I get for Christmas an mother’s day is soaps an bathbombs.
Ty for the opportunity
Done all above

UR Fearless and UR Brave embodies me. My dream of always becoming a mother came to a hault 6 years ago. After multiple pelvic ultrasounds, needles, and testing my body felt useless. Several diagnoses, and 6 years later still no baby. I will continue to fight, and will not give up hope. I am fearless, and I am brave. We never know how brave we truly are, until we are made to be brave. We are never fearless, until we are made to be fearless.

Rachel Honsvick DeMille

The UR Naked Bath Bomb because the description completely embodies me: In the quiet hours of the evening after you’ve taken care of everyone else’s needs, strip away the day’s frustrations and pamper yourself with our mix of Honey, Almond and Oatmeal for a soothing, skin-healing bath, because UR worth it!

I take baths at night after everyone is in bed and it completely relaxes me and sounds exactly like the description.

Would love to try

I’m blessed to have a loving partner,who takes good care of me in all ways. I love him.

Your Blessed bath bomb embodies me.

Ur juicy sounds like me- I love to smell tropical so I feel like I’m on the beaches of Costa Rica

UR Blessed is the one that fitting for me. Has been a rough year but everything is getting better and 2018 is going to be the best year ever. Your products are so suited for everyone. Thank you for making such wonderful products. Keep up the good work.

I love trying new bath bombs. I love being relaxed and finish touch smelling good and skin feeling soft

UR Blessed and UR Sweet is totally me!! Blessed with 4 sweet kids and an amazing family. UR Salty is my youngest, UR YOU is my 2nd, UR Sassy is my 3rd and then there’s my son… He doesn’t do baths haha!!

UR sexy embodies me and is my favorite because when I relax, have a bottle of wine with candles with my bath, I never feel more sexy than that moment. That bath bomb also smells amazing, it’s gorgeous, and always leaves me feeling soft and silky

UR You. I am multilayered, complex, and beautiful. I am unique and different. I am me, and no one else.

UR FREE bath bomb embodies me. So many things held me back for so long. I learned to let go of things that negatively impacted my life, and I find I’m much more happier. Feels good to be free. I love your bath bombs!!!

UR FREE BATH BOMBS embodies who I am with my sense of adventure and desire to try new things…!!!!! I learned to let go of things that negatively impacted my life, and I find I’m much more happier. I love the way the bombs make my body feel smooth and free…!!!

UR You… I am unique. I love rainbows, unicorns, and sparkles. I am a one of a kind creature and there will never be another.

UR You bathbomb embodies me since I am me and no one else is like me 🙂

Honestly the UR Sassy bath bomb. But all of them speak to different parts of my personality. That one just stood out the most

Your calm bath bombs embodies me. Between my children, animals, jobs, and always helping friends I live a very fast paced and hectic life. I need more calm in my life.

Ur blessed bath bomb makes me feel amazing!

Ur Coastal embodies me.

I like the UR FREE just because taking a bath makes you feel so relaxed and free from stress. My son loves the UR SASSY because he’s five and sassy all the time haha

Thank you for the opportunity to win these fabulous bath bombs. These bath bombs would help tremendously with my peripheral neuropathy I have in my feet.

UR blessed embodies me.

Fancy and Dainty sound amazing to me!!

Love UR Blessed bombs are AMAZING!! Just wonderful!❤

UR Naked em”bodies” me and all of us. We are all naked souls.

I love them…they make u feel so smooth and smell soo good. Hmmmm love them.

Bath bombs in general describe me …. I absolutely love the bubbly fizz, and the amazing warm scents. And the oils that enrich your body and make you feel so smooth. I am a highly stressed out and anxic person so to relax at the end of the day with a warm bath overwhelms me with joy.

UR naked embodies me

It Calm Embodies me. God knows I could use some Calm. Lol

UR Blessed embodies me because I am blessed!

I really would love to try your bath bombs I don’t think I could pick one I really want to try because I really want to try all of them lol! Bath bombs would be awesome for me. I have terrible back pain. And take a lot of baths threw out the day and night to ease the pain. Bath bombs would make my baths so much better. And ease a lot of anxiety that I also have ? thank you for the chance did everything to enter

The UR product that embodies who I am, is the UR Fearless Soap. In reading the description of the soap, I am “the kind of person that marches to the beat of my own drum. That laughs in the face of fear and handles adversity with courage and conviction. Lives life to the fullest!” I have a quirky sense of humor, I just celebrated 6 years cancer free and I try to give back to others. If I was to win, I would share with my sister, nieces and my coworkers!

I think I am addicted to bath bombs!

UR pretty because I love fruity and calming scents they remind me of my childhood. ????

UR salty because I am a mermaid at heart and always dreaming of the ocean.

Blessed def cause I’m blessed beyond !

UR blessed embodies me because I am very grateful to have a great job that I like, a loving husband, & 2 wonderful kids.

#URFREE embodies me because I feel free going into 2018 with a new perspective and overall outlook. I have come from ten years of living with my fiances family to moving into a motel just shy of a crack house for three and now I have a gorgeous apartment. I couldn’t be prouder of myself right now. Two medical degrees and a fiance I’ve been with seventeen amazing years this year. I know 2018 will be hard but it will also be worth all of it the tears the frustration and the pain. I’m shedding all of my worry and spreading my wings this is my year to truly be amazing. I absolutely embody everything embracing internal freedom from struggle.

Your bath bombs are what embodies me. I love to relax and forget everything and anything if only for a half hour. Very soothing

Ur fearless embodies me and my determination to not let my fear and introvertness stop my life. Tysm for the chance to win this amazing prize. Happy Holidays!. Thanks again yall.

My favorite UR bath bomb is the UR calm one because I love to feel relaxed after a long stressful day. I love how the lanvender calms me because it almost feels like I am on vacation. It feels like I don’t have to worry about anything which is apsolutely amazing. No other bath bomb has ever helped me so much. It also helps with my anxiety. I love the scent of vanilla it has in it as well. These bath bombs are so so nice. Thank you for the opportunity!

UR peachy. Because my friends nicknamed me Peaches in high school and it stuck.

Ur blessed – I have realized things could be a lot worse and I am blessed with I have and who I have in my life
Ur you – I always try to be me and to make myself proud.
I recently tried my first bath bomb. It was amazing. I feel like they should me a monthly if not a weekly treat! I would LOVE to try your product and see how awesome they are. Thanks!

All of the bath bombs embody a part of me depending on the day. From the days that I need a soak and drop in a UR Blessed, so remind myself of all of the blessing I have, to the UR loved, which allows me to relax and remind myself that my husband loves me, and that is why he bought the bath bomb for me. Some days, I am fiery and a UR Fierce or UR Sassy is the way to go, from the bath bombs to the salt scrubs. At the end of the day all of the products make up who I am, but nothing does it better then the UR You, although I might add a bit of UR Sexy to the mix to spice it up 😉

Floral bath bombs are my favorite. UR Calm/Loved/Seductive seems right up my alley.

Exotic Sugar scrub … who doesn’t like to be whisked away to an exotic place when taking a shower or bath … even if its just in your mind??

Bath bombs are so amazing I just dropped them in my bath turn some music on grab a good book and relax with our any distractions they smell amazing and also have you smelling amazing . Whenever I have them I am always using them

Ur happy embodies me. I have to remember i am in control of my own happinesses to stay mentally sound.

I havent tried the UR products. This is the first time Ive heard of them. The bathbombs are adorable! #bewhoUR

UR fearless bathbomb embodies me because it relieves stress and anxiety.I really struggle with these two things in my life and medications don’t seem to do the trick anymore.I would love to get a chance to try UR Bath bombs it could be so much help in my life!!I feel that after using the UR Fearless I would feel very calm and relaxed and I would be able to get a good night’s sleep, and that would be the best present I could ever ask for!! Thanks for the opportunity! and good luck to everyone!!

The product that most embodies me is the UR blessed soaps because I am definitely blessed in so many ways!!

UR Calm and UR Fearless Bath Bomb embodies me relieving my stress and anxiety! Thanks for the chance to Win and Happy New Years!

UR Costal screams ME! Blending all my favorite colors w/ essence of the beach is all I need for when my toes aren’t in the sand!!! Perfect for the bath bomb obsessed ? Thank you for the entry, would be delighted to win!!! Have a wonderful 2018!

UR BRAVE UR CALM UR HOT UR CRAZY UR YOU UR BLESSED lol soooo hard to choose one lol this is so great that you can pick one based on U. Overall the symbolism of UR You is awesome so that would be my top pick for best one. What great gifts these are to choose for someone

Hard choice but gonna say Ur blessed/crazy , I live every moment to the fullest, navigate through it all take challenges.

I am going to say that UR You embodies me because I do not apologize for who I am, I use to, but you can only live once, so be yourself and love yourself. Also…I love rainbow colored anything, so I love the UR You one the most!! Thanks for the chance!

Ur calm and Ur happy definitely embodies me because I always try to make the best of everything and make everyday a happy one no matter the cost. And sometimes some calmness and nice bath with a bath bomb is all you need to make you happy.

UR CRAZY is the perfect bath bomb that suits me because it has the sweetness of cotton candy and the refreshing splash of vanilla bean and just the perfect hint of Bergamot these combinations definitely suit my Corky personality.

I want to try UR Kissed Bath Bomb!

UR Blessed because even though I have been dealing with some major health issues and struggles over the past two years, I know that I am blessed with the love of God , my husband , and my children

Any and All bath bombs!!!! Also your body scrubs

Me and my five yr love bath bombs!! We would be in heaven???

I love them so much they help me relax while taking a hot bath

I am blessed, loved, naked, and crazy . Blessed to have my family. I am loved by husband no matter how naked I become in order to grow into a better woman. I am crazy for all the different project, crafts, and events I keep committing to. #bewhoUR #IamMe #blessed #loved #naked #crazy

Ur You embodies me.
I am myself and am very happy with that. I’m all kinds of things wrapped into one.

UR Brave is the perfect bath ball to describe me. I was diagnosed with cancer March 15th, 2016, and has since spread twice. I found out today that I now need a pet scan for suspension of more tumors. I will get through this, I’m a warrior, my kids believe in me and so do I! Thank you for the chance to win!!


i like the UR LOVED bath bomb because everyone loves the feeling of being loved! It makes you feel amazing and comforted. Anything with rose i also like(:

Anything rose scented is known as my go to scent!

Ur Loved bath bomb; rose is nice and this is the love feeling when you are thinking about a bath not shower

The UR Blessed Bath Bomb most embodies me because it is so true of my life right now! I still have my parents after one went through cancer twice and the other had multiple blood clots within the last couple of years!

UR Seductive inspires me because it’s a scent that my husband and I could enjoy together. I take a lot of pride in our happiness together.

I can honestly say that I have never actually been able to afford to buy these beautiful little luxuries (or been able to use them on myself or my fiance`) but I would just love to be able to surprise the love of my life with a nice and romantic bath that he can come home and relax in after a long, hard day. These products just look all so wonderful! I believe that if I had to choose a product that would describe me for who I am, I would have to pick UR loved. I pick this particular bath bomb because like the red rose I am delicate and give love to all that recieve me, and yet like the thorns that surround its bold stalk I am strong. Thank you for our consideration. 🙂

UR happy inspires me because it teaminds me to forget the stress and negativity and to just be happy. 2017 was a rough tear for me. I lost my dad in April and I’ve had a hard time accepting the fact that he’s not here. When ive has a rough day I’ll get in the bath and put the UR happy bath bomb and it reminds me that my dad wouldn’t want to see me upset. He would want me to be happy. This bath bomb not only reminds me to be happy, but it helps me relax.

UR Happy
i have a part time job… i have over come many heath issues and surgery and my husband is by my side and i have a place to call home #URHappy

UR Happy embodies who I am. I am so grateful for the life I have been blessed with. No matter what happens every day, the stress that I constantly fight, I am *happy* and nothing can take that away 🙂

UR Blessed is the one I choose because I truly feel very Blessed to have my Family, My Faith and The Strength to carry My Crosses!

Jennifer Virgadamo Duhon

Oh man, there are SEVERAL that embodies me! Wild….crazy….that’s the life I live with 4 kids lol! Wild and Crazy! However, if I had to pick just one it would be Ur Blessed! I am so blessed to live this wild & crazy life with my amazing husband & kids. We’ve had some hardships in our almost 17 year marriage…loss of home due to hurricane. Loss of our second child who was stillborn, and other things. But oh the blessings…3 healthy happy girls. 1 son we were blessed with through fostering & adoption. And so much more! So definitely UR BLESSED embodies me the most!!!

I absolutely love your bath bombs because they are just like me in many way. They fizz and are bubbly, just like my personality. I’m bubbly, happy, and go with the like the bath bombs. They make u feel happy as they fizz and bubble over your body just like a snuggly blanket. They make you feel great about yourself and empowered. Love them!!

The UR Salty bathbomb embodies me because I always wanted to be a mermaid and it not only makes me feel like one, but transports me into my calm space, the ocean.

Lotion makes me because of being soft. I don’t know why i like lotion so much, but i do

I would say that the UR you bath bomb embodies me, since it represents all of me rather than just one specific part. Since it celebrates both my perfections AND my flaws, it in theory teaches me to be comfortable my own skin and not to live by the standards of other. The same thought process can really be applied to anyone who purchases and uses the UR you bath bomb. This is because it glorifies any and all personality traits that an individual might possess in a manner similar to a spectrum, much like the product’s rainbow color theme covers all the pigments in a traditional color spectrum. The UR you bath bomb is a product that celebrates me (or anyone else that uses it) for simply being themselves.

UR Naked embodies me because I like to be naked as much as possible & I’m sweet like honey & almonds are my favorite nut.

Hello and thank you for offering such amazing prizes. The product that I feel embodies me is the UR Naked-Bath Bomb & Soap. The oatmeal, almond, & honey combo to me symbolizes clean, mild, healing, and natural. I feel to be all of those things. I love love love the alchemy of bathing and nakedness to me, for me, is to be open, unashamed, and free.

Well I would have to say that UR Brave and Ur You bath bombs embody my true essence in life the last year. Ur brave because life left me no choice after my mom died, my family fell apart and had become homeless. I guess maybe could of been different but the way I saw it was the worst had happened and I had to be brave and be my own hero. The Ur you has always been me as a matter if fact oddly unique is usually how I’m described. I have always been different but that’s always brought me joy knowing normal is just a setting on the washing machine and I love getting others outside of their comfort zone and showing them life is silly,goofy, chaotic and amazingly tragically beautiful and its ok to stand out in every moment

I am addict To bath bombs. Needs one every day

The Salty bath bombs and foaming body buffer Sugar scrubs would be my choice to remind me of the beach.

The UR Loved bath bomb embodies me and my life! I am so blessed to have the family and friends that I do. Plus the scent combination really matches my personality and taste.

I’ve never used your products, but the champagne bathbombs look and (from other’s comments) sound amazing!

I love the ur blessed bath bomb because i truly am blessed. I was born 3 months early, and was hooked to machines for a while when i was a baby. I would randomly stop breathing a lot so my parents would have to tap my feet or something to get me to breathe again. I learned a lot slower than others as well in school but still graduated on time. They told my parents i had 75% chance of mental retardation and i beat all odds. And to this day i gave birth to a healthy happy 9lb 6oz baby and he will be 2 on the 13th. I thank god every day for giving me the life i have regardless of the daily struggles.

I have never tried these products, but UR Salty definitely sounds like me ??? I’d love to win and share these with my best friend though! Thank you for holding such a great giveaway ?

UR classy embodies me and what I strive to be! “Just like Audrey Hepburn, you personify sophistication! UR keenly elegant, sweet, caring and everything you do emanates the classiness that embodies you”. I just hope it smells as good as it sounds!

The Ur Free bath bomb embodies me because the scent just takes me to a feeling of freedom and unstoppable!

The UR BRAVE products embody me most because as a survivor of domestic violence and mental health I have fought to overcome many things and advocate on behalf of myself & others to make positive changes regardless of many challenges.

I love the flamingo bath bomb it is amazing and is basically me if I was a bath bomb!

UR Loved Bath Bomb embodies me because it reminds me that through all the ups and downs of this thing we call LIFE, I am loved and supported!

Raising two toddlers definitely calls for a stress relief bath bomb and makes me smell good all nigjt

UR Blessed embodies me. I have a wonderful net of friends and family. My family especially has had a rough couple of years, losing not one but four of our elders. So I am blessed beyond measure that all of the loss has brought us closer instead of tearing us apart

The UR happy embodies me-I am so thankful for the beautiful baby girl I have and my husband who works day after day keeping all of us safe. I do like to escape into a nice hot bath every once and awhile to remember everything i have to be happy about

I would love a stress relief bath bomb! The champagne ones sound like the smell amazing

Nothing better than a hot bath tub w/bath bombs that make me feel relax and lefts my skin soft smelly good!!!

Love these!

I love these, the Flamingo bath bomb gives me a sense of energy and rejuvenation! Awesome bath bombs, ya’ll! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bath bombs embodie me!!! Love them so much! Would love to try yours

I would love to try the UR CRAZY bath bomb. As hectic as life can be here, being a single parent and keeping everybody and everything going, by the end of the day, sometimes I feel crazy!!
Maybe a nice relaxing bath with this bath bomb, it will wash all my craziness down the drain!!
Thanks for the chance!

Ur kissed bath bombs make me feel pampered.

Lindsay marie hernandez

The kissed bath bombs make me feel empowered due to their rich soft feel anf elegant aromas! Thank you so much for an excellent product!

U r calm this is me because my daughter has medical n physical disabilities and im a single fulltime working mom which i always have to show her im calm n my son is an Army Ranger and i have to remain calm for thos 2am not so good phone calls i could use a little relaxation

I believe “UR CALM” bath bomb really embodies me. As a college student, I get really stressed before exams so i am always looking for products that will help relax and calm me. This way, I can get a good rest before the exam.

For me i would like the
Ure blessed and
Ure loved

Ure blessed simply because You can never have too many blessings. This is something I need in my life right now,blessings. to me i would like to have blessings bombs to remind myself blessings are never far away. I also like ure loved because love is the one true thing. No matter where u go or what you do love will always find you. Maybe it’s a person,a pet,friends,a job even. Love will find u

UR Fearless body scrub completely describes me because I know what I want and how I’m going to get it, even if I have to show some attitude. The scrub allows me to grind away all of the negative comments and hopelessness away so I can get down to business.

Ur Sassy. *snaps fingers* 🙂

UR whole collection of bath bombs describe me as a person. You can’t just pick one and favor it, you got to have the whole thing!

I love all the different designs of bath bombs you have! They bring out my true colors which are sweet and colorful!

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