UR Happy Sugar Scrub

Whatever Your Mood, There’s a Sugar Scrub For That!

A sugar scrub, as the name indicates, is an exfoliator made of sugar granules. These amazing crystals work like an all-natural microdermabrasion treatment by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells, leaving your skin glowing and feeling healthier than ever before. At UR Bath & Body, we offer a sugar scrub for every mood you may have! Whether you’re feeling sexy, calm, or fresh & clean, there’s a sugar scrub for that!

A sugar scrub for every season and every reason

If you’re feeling classy, we have the sugar scrub that’s right for you. With a combination of champagne, cherries, vanilla, and raspberries, this gorgeous purple scrub is the perfect way to get ready for a glamorous night on the town, and will leave you feeling refreshed and smelling good from the inside out! To pick up your sample of this scrub, click here.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to make you feel spicy and invigorated, our UR Hot scrub has the perfect blend of cinnamon and vanilla to wake you up better than any cup of coffee ever could. (Of course, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t have the coffee, too.) If this sounds like the right scrub for you, click here to get some of your own.

Finally, there’s our UR Loved sugar scrub, which is also one of our favorites here (and, we hope, one of yours)! This scrub is made with a proprietary blend of warm, rich vanilla and delicate rose petals to give you a tingly, warm feeling every time you use it! This scrub also has moisturizing properties, so your skin will feel soft to the touch, helping you to feel even more loved than ever before! If this sounds like the scrub that’s right for you, click here.

Why buy from us?

At UR Bath & Body, all of our scrubs – and all of our products – are made with all natural, and in some cases organic, ingredients. When you buy from us, we guarantee the quality of every single item we send to you. Best of all, we offer free shipping from now until January 1st, making us the perfect choice for your holiday shopping! For more information about us, or to find the sugar scrub that’s right for you, contact us today.

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