Body Butter


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    4oz | 100mg Hemp-Derived CBD

    Our CBD infused body butter leaves skin light, supple, hy- drated and never greasy. Glutathione, essential fatty acids and skin softeners work alongside intense moisturizers, pro- moting long-lasting hydration and brighter healthier skin.

  • Benefits
    • Revitalizes skin and promotes all-day hydration
    • Shea butter’s intense moisturizing power helps treat dry, cracked, or aging skin
    • Helps skin absorb and maintain moisture for long-lasting hydration
    • Coconut oil supports softer, more balanced skin
  • Ingredients

    Broad Spectrum Hemp Derived CBD, Glutathi- one, Organic Aloe, Shea Butter, Coco Oil and Essential Oils

  • Our Promise to You

    Highest Quality Hemp-Derived CBD

    Our process starts at the seed. We ensure our organic hemp comes from the highest quality farms in the US. Once the plant is ready, we use a toxic-free extraction process to separate CBD and other cannabinoids into a solvent-free CBD isolate. Our products are then manufactured in FDA, GMP, and OTC facilities, and third-party tested to ensure quality and purity has been maintained throughout the process.

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Active Ingredient



~ Potent Antioxidant
~ Anti-inflammatory and soothes redness
~ Antibacterial and vitamin-rich


~ Antioxidant
~ Helps prevent damage to skin caused by free radicals
~ Help to even pigmentation due to UV light exposure


~ Anti-inflammatory
~ Antioxidant
~ Helps to seal moisture into skin


~ Anti-inflammatory
~ Restores elasticity to skin


~ Anti-bacterial
~ Anti-fungal
~ Antioxidant